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About Whiteman & Mellor

With an in depth knowledge of the interior industry, and their consequent practical understanding of fabrics, it was a natural step for designers Greg Mellor and Camilla Whiteman to add a textile element to their design services.

Noticing a definitive need for good quality, locally produced and charming fabrics at an affordable price point, the friends have conceptualised a range of prints based on Indian motifs and historical designs, inspired by their mutual love of understated style and easy elegance.

With versatility and affordability as their two main objectives, the duo has drawn on archival document prints to create a range of textures and patterns that they would themselves enjoy using in projects and having in their own homes.

By sourcing, manufacturing and hand printing the fabrics in South Africa, they’ve been able to deliver a range that’s beautifully made, but also accessible courtesy of a relatively low retail price.

Fabrics are available to order online. For trade, order, cuttings and price related enquiries please contact an agent.